Profiting from Mobile Applications


To profit from a free app, the app must support your enterprise. How can you monetize your app?

Start Creating Your Application


Building an app takes a lot of time and a lot of money.  There is no substitute to seeing how you idea would look running on a real smartphone. The facilities on this website will allow you to prototype your application.

Comparing Mobile Web and Mobile Applications


You are sitting on a commuter train on a cold and wet Tuesday morning with an hour’s trip to work. You are dreaming of escape. A holiday in the sun. You boot up the tablet you to pass the boredom. Website or app?

What can you do with an App?


What features can you add to your app? What are the cost, management and technical implications?


Start right now!

Ideas in your head or on paper will become clearer when you see your app beginning to take shape on phones and tablets.

Start prototyping your app right now. Discuss your ideas with friends and colleagues, and show them what you have in mind.

Design your app

Use the storyboard to see how your users will move from one screen and function to another.

The storyboard allows you to see how different sized devices like phones and tablets affect the operation of your app.

You can use the storyboard to navigate to pages of the app you want to work on and control the colour schemes used on different parts of the app.


Teamwork and Collaboration

Some apps are complicated and need a team to work on the design, content and management.

Use the team collaboration facility to allow different people to work on different aspects of building and running your app.

Data Collection and Management

Apps are a great way to collect data, whether in the form of numbers, text or photos and videos. Data can be gathered and viewed back at the office, or shared with other users.



Do you need an app that has to be integrated with your existing IT systems? We can develop interfaces that will exchange data with third party software and services.

Customized solutions are available that use servers within your own data centers and infrastructure, and which will keep faith with your organization's security and architecture principles.