Building your application

Building an application requires careful design coupled with financial planning. You may want an simple application such as a brochure or catalogue, or a more complicated application that reflects your unique business processes.

This website will allow you to prototype a mobile application, try it out smartphones and pads and ultimately launch it on the Apple and Google stores. There is no substitute for being able to try out your application as your ideas develop.

Building an application with our modular approach is very cost effective. More complicated applications can be developed as you understand how they will work for your organisation.

Smartphones are the next phase of technological development. Everyone has a smart phone or pad today. Although smartphones can access websites, this does not make the most of the technology in everyone's pocket. An application can be used to support business processes, improve your relationship with your customers, or just entertain.

This website will allow you to take the first steps in developing your app with no need for coding or development experience.  With an hour or two's work, you will have an app running on a phone or teblet device that you and your collegues can discuss. 

What kind of apps can I develop?

This site works on apps for social media, communications, business processes and marketing.  Click on 'What can I Do with an App' in the left column to find out more. 

If your ideas are rather different, you can outline your concept using the designer and storyboard pages, then contact us to discuss your requirements.  Outlining the idea will help crystalise your thinking, enable you to show the concept to other people, and could be the start of something wonderful. 

Start Now! 

To create your first app, you can either start with a copy of one of our sample apps, or start your own app from scratch.  

Select ‘My apps’ under ‘Your Account’ in the menu above.  Click on the 'Create a new app' button and you are on your way!