Start Creating Your App now

There is no substitute to seeing how you idea would look running on a real smartphone. The facilities on this website will allow you to try  your ideas out and see what your app would like.

Step 1: Build your app on this website

Build a prototype app using the app designer and editor on this website.  You will be able to share your progress and allow others to contribute.


Step 2: Test your app phone or tablet

The emulator will give you a good idea of how your application will work, but it will never be as rich as a real device.

Once you have your application set up, you will need to test it on your Android or Apple devices. You can then let your colleagues try the application and provide their input.

Download the TempleDynamic app from the Apple App store or Google Play.  The app is free to download. You can find the links to download it here. 

You will find a code in the publish page of your app’s control panel.  Enter the publish code into the templedynamic app, and your app will be loaded onto the phone.


Step 3: Refine your ideas

Your colleges can now download the TempleDynamic app as well, and using the publish code they will be able to test your app.  

This is an important stage of development when you will get a lot of useful feedback.  

Testing with you in-house team is often referred to as Alpha testing; testing with selected real users is Beta testing.  Much of the testing you do will revolve around the users response to the app.  They may use the app in ways you didn’t imagine, or find problems you had overlooked.  A successful app is one that the users want to use - you have to get this right.  

The app you have developed on the website will be limited in some ways - there will be features that you want to customise and enhance and the website will only take you so far.  Nonetheless, having the app running on your phone means you will have a clear idea of how it will work, and what you need to do next. 

So far it has cost you nothing to get the first version of your app ready for user testing. 


Step 4: Launch your app on the app stores

Launching an app in the app store will mean the app can be promoted under your own name and brand.  

Once you have a working app that you would like to customise and launch in the app store, contact us to discuss the next steps.  We can develop customised features that your app needs to meet your specification.  

The completed app will be uploaded to the app stores, for further testing, and ultimately for launch to the world.  

There will be many issues to consider to make your app a success. These are all matters that we can help with. 

Here are just a few things to think about:

Create a landing page on your website for your app with additional information such as a full description of what the app does, why your customers should get it, screenshots and marketing text. 

Consider how your app is to be supported. How can your users get help, give feedback and suggest enhancements for the next version?

Does your app need to work in multiple languages? Making it available to users in other countries increases the potential market. Mobile devices have multiple language support